CardDAV library for OUTBOUND/INBOUND CNAM and XML Phonebook

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Hi guys! I want to share with you a project i am working on!

Let’s say in your home or firm you only have a CardDAV server for managing your contacts but you also want to get them on your phone… Well basically you can’t.

So i have created this library that allows you to:

  1. Read a CardDAV server and get back a XML phonebook to use with your phones
  2. Set the inbound CNAM with the help of Superfecta CID
  3. Set the outbound CNAM with the help of the homonym module

More info on my GitHub Page. I’m planning to make it even more integrated with FreePBX (making it a module) and so on.

The library is totally free for personal use (if you want to use it commercially please contact me) so if you like it, you can donate. I greatly appreciate any help.



New update with some fixes! Download it now or replace the file in helpers/phoneMiddleware.php to get the latest improvements.


New release with a small fix for the xml phonebook generator. Download it here

(Reinhard Stindl) #4

What type of xml phonebooks does it support? Different phones use different xml values. The Ciscos use xml-phonebooks, the Digium/Sangoma d-series phones too, but the files look quite different…