Capture Distinctive Ring from Incoming POTS Line

Can anyone recommend a FXO (Foreign Exchange Office) Interfaces that can be used to capture the distinctive ring pattern of an incoming phone call on a POTS line and use that to route the call differently in freepbx based upon the incoming ring pattern?

Alternatively, if I capture the incoming distinctive ring pattern using a separate device (An old US Robotics modem does a good job at this task), is there any way to input this information into freepbx as a mechanism to route the call? I would be happy to write software to implement such an interface if there is a clean way to do it.

Both digium and Sangoma cards should be able to detect distinctive ring, though I can’t remember for sure if FreePBX already includes the functionality to detect it or if you would need some custom coding to route the calls based on the ring pattern.

Thanks. This is great information. I will reach out to each of these companies, and see what they have available.

Yep DAHDI has this baked in and it’s not too difficult to setup. Any Sangoma or Digium analog card should work. Some custom config required.

You do it in the Dahdil setup, here is an example.

Thanks, everyone. It sounds like freepbx is going to do everything that I hoped, and more.

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