Can't upload a custom module

I keep trying to upload a module from my computer, and I get the following:

File must be in tar+gzip (.tgz or .tar.gz) format

I have double checked several times that the file is in fact tar+gzip. I also downloaded other modules that you can normally install online, and these are rejected too. I have installed modules from the online database, and that works fine. only trying to upload a local file doesn’t work



Shame I can’t post screenshots here so I can demonstrate.

When I go to the link you provided and try to download the versionupgrade-2.8.latest. Internet Explorer 8 won’t seem to accept the filename and changes the extension from tgz to gz. Not an issue for me (simple rename it locally) but this post may come in handy for other users in the future.

by the way, not blaming FreePBX in any way, just IE8 :slight_smile:

well my suggestion, go find another browser because as soon as you upgrade you are going to have problems with IE8

IE has always been problematic with FreePBX, IE8 has some known broken stuff which we have not yet resolved.

IE9 may have them fixed, but as a general rule, Chrome, FireFox, Safari are all going to run much better than any IE version (Unless IE9 fixes more stuff).

The problem is that IE has a long history of not following standards. On top of that, they have a long history of having piss-poor developer tools (at least ‘free’ ones) to use to try and debug their issues. IE8 does seem to have improved upon that, nothing like good competition from far superior browsers to motivate them to get their act together…

Take a look:

Notice the format of the files, they are all “.tgz”

if a browser or something else is converting them upon download, that is a localized issue (which can probably be disabled in the browser).

I am not aware of any browsers that would changed a file from a different format and if it was in-fact un-tarred into a gz only format I’m pretty sure tar would have ‘barfed’ so I would take a close look at what you may have done and see if you renamed it by accident.


you sure it is in tgz format? (e.g. Safari on OSX will automatically unzip tarballs which will make this fail on 2.8 and prior (I fixed it in 2.9 so that can be a plane tar as well).

You can confirm by going to the mirror site and downloading one of our proper modules and seeing if you can load it since you know they are packaged properly.

I had the same issue today with the 2.8latest test version. It was downloaded as versionupgrade-2.8.latest.gz
Seemd I had to manually rename it to versionupgrade-2.8.latest.Tgz (notice the T)

Well, I am not a magician, nor a dentist :slight_smile:
What version of FreePBX?
Are you using a distro of some sort?