Can't update framework to 13.0.154

Text-to-Speech tells me: “FreePBX version 13.0.154 or higher is required, you have 13.0.153” and the git repo tells me that there is 13.0.154: but if i check for updates, there is no update for the framework.

[email protected]:~$ fwconsole ma showupgrades
No repos specified, using: [unsupported,basic,standard,extended,commercial] from last GUI settings

| Module | Local Version | Online Version |
| tts    | 13.0.6        | 13.0.8         |
[email protected]:~$

tts is in stable, framework is in edge.

Switch to edge mode if you want the update.

I’m in Edge mode and I’m getting the same error.

Try again please…

Worked perfectly this time!

Same here, worked now. I forgot to mention that I’m on the edge track, but i thought it would be obvious as the update shouldn’t be offered otherwise.

May I ask for the reason of the missing framework upgrade?

Because I forgot a step.