Can't update firmware

Digium Phones Config


It is impossible for me to do anything, namely I can’t get check for updates

CloudApp — Not Found

Any idea how to fix this?



Can you retrieve that URL from the machine itself? Try to copy and paste it out of the dialog box and see if it can be reached by the machine.

Well it might have to do with the fact that we have an HTTP PROXY on the network.

However, everything else than this works fine in FreePBX

I did try to resolve the address and it works from the machine

Any tips ?

I bets its your proxy. The firmware I believe does a wget which looks like a machine opening a web page to your proxy.

I think you’re right!

But how do I fix this :frowning:

It uses php’s fopen() against a URL. Sadly, fopen() doesn’t directly handle a proxy, so it’s going to take a new feature to get you past the proxy issue.

for now, there’s nothing i can do about this, right?

Is there any workaround?

Can you allow that host to bypass your proxy?

Hi Malcolm D

So I put my FreePBX / Asterisk server in a DMZ.

Now I can download firmware !!!

So thanks for your help !

However I have a new issue…

In FreePBX, if I select a phone and assign it the new firmware, I get this message :

CloudApp — Not Found

Any clue on how to fix this ?

Any idea ?

Likely that whatever network you’ve got configured for the phone is presenting a file_url_prefix to the phone that the phone can’t actually reach to get the firmware. That, or something happened, and the firmware’s wasn’t placed in the proper location on disk.


When I go in the FIRMWARE TAB and click on INFO for one of the firmware packages, I get this location :


so when I type in:


where XXX is my local IP for my asterisk server:


So I really don’t understand.

Quicknote though, if type

(http and not httpS)

it won’t work.

Any clue on how to help me out?

For your Network, under Advanced settings, what’s the File URL Prefix?


[your system]/admin/config.php?type=setup&display=digium_phones&digium_phones_form=networks_edit&network=-1

Is it http or https?

You got it!!!

I added the “s” and everything works now

I had never looked into the “default network” config, I didn’t want to mess anything up.

Thanks Malcom, you’re awesome

Huzzah! :smiley: