Can't update distro 10.X to SNG7 due to 404 error


I can’t seem to be able to upgrade to SNG7 (using this The error I get from /var/log/sngupdate is

redhat_upgrade_tool.yum ERROR: Error downloading .treeinfo or treeinfo from repo 
[Errno 14] PYCURL ERROR 22 - "The requested URL returned error: 404 Not Found"
setting up repos...
######### An error occured, please check /var/log/sngupdate #########

Anyone having the same problem?


Sorry about the trouble. We’re doing some infrastructure disk related upgrades that may have impacted this. Please stand by as we look into what happened.

Matthew Fredrickson

Hello, we are also experiencing the same issue and had upgrade scheduled for a major client. Any updates?


Matthew, I opened a support ticket but when do you think we will be able to proceed with the upgrades?


I have same issue.

I received a note from Support that their mirror servers are under maintenance. I don’t have an ETA when they will be operational. Any update will be appreciated.

Things should be back to normal. If things are still not as expected, please open a ticket on

Sorry about the trouble, and best wishes to you all.

Matthew Fredrickson

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