Can't tell who is on the phone when Call waiting is enabled and new calls comes in

Most of the phones that we are using are S500’s with the EXP100 expansion unit.

We have BLF keys for all our staff on the expansion unit. When they are on the phone, the light is red. When they are off the phone, the light is green. So far so good.

The problem - if a call comes in, all lines blink and we can’t tell if the staff are on an active call. The only way to resolve this so far has been to disable Call Waiting. We don’t really want to do that because sometimes they are waiting for an important call and still take other calls while waiting.

I believe the chan_sip option for this is notifyringing=notinuse. I don’t think there’s a chan_pjsip equivalent.

We are in fact using chan sip and not pjsip.

Silly question… Can you tell me where to change this setting?

I can’t, personally. I don’t know where that might be exposed in FreePBX.

I just checked under Settings > Asterisk SIP Settings > Chan SIP Settings

I change Notify Ringing (Control whether subscriptions already INUSE get sent RINGING when another call is sent. Useful when using BLF.) to No

That didn’t do anything.

I added what you suggested under Other SIP Settings however that didn’t do it either.

I even tried to update and re-provision the phone after the setting was changed.

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