Can't set up GSC3506 with freePBX server

I’m a newbie in IP telephony and freepbx but still already installed and set the network of about 30 ip phones GRP2604P on FreePBX server that is installed in Proxmox.
But now I’ve got a new task - create an emergency alert system for couple building and a warehouse.
Decided to use existing server and to buy some IP Speakers and/or IP horns.
Bought a Grandstream GSC3506 1-way public address SIP speaker but having a hard time setting it up.

The problem is speaker doesn’t ping freepbx server and freepbx server doesn’t ping speaker. Obviously I can’t register it.
While I can enter speaker web-interface, router can ping speaker, proxmox can ping speaker and vise versa. So the issue looks to happen only with FreePBX server. The speaker is not registering by the server.

15197	[2024-02-15 14:04:13] VERBOSE[2422] res_pjsip_registrar.c: Added contact 'sip:[email protected]:25163' to AOR '115' with expiration of 3600 seconds	
15198	[2024-02-15 14:04:13] VERBOSE[2422] res_pjsip_registrar.c: Removed contact 'sip:[email protected]:36012' from AOR '115' due to remove existing	
15199	[2024-02-15 14:04:13] VERBOSE[2422] res_pjsip/pjsip_options.c: Contact 115/sip:[email protected]:36012 has been deleted	
15200	[2024-02-15 14:04:13] VERBOSE[2422] res_pjsip/pjsip_options.c: Contact 115/sip:[email protected]:25163 is now Reachable. RTT: 10.754 msec	
15202	[2024-02-15 14:04:16] VERBOSE[11060] res_pjsip/pjsip_options.c: Contact 115/sip:[email protected]:25163 has been deleted

Here are some additional info:
Software Version

Asterisk Version: 18.16.0


Can someone help me to figure this out?

Figure out why IP speaker was not registering by server. The reason is IP was added to fail2ban file
(PBX had put them in jail).

First checked if IP was really banned:
iptables -L fail2ban-SIP

Then removed it with:
fail2ban-client asterisk-iptables unbanip

And finally added to ignore list:
fail2ban-client set asterisk-iptables addignoreip

But now a have another problem with Paging or Intercom module. Everything was set according to video instructions in youtube but when I’m calling a Paging Group it’s autoanswers but hangs after 12-14 seconds.
Using standard Paging or Intercom module 16.0.13. Voicemail disabled for extension that is added into paging group.

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