Can't send REGISTER from inside Docker

not working to me, I installed FreePBX on Docker, I can only register pjsip endpoint, but can not register to SIP trunking provider

Unless you are a networking expert, I don’t recommend running FreePBX on Docker; set up a virtual machine instead.

If you must use Docker, use Host networking, to avoid problems with double NAT.

If you are setting up a new system, use FreePBX 16 with Asterisk 18 or 20. Asterisk 17 is EOL.
See Asterisk Versions - Asterisk Documentation

It appears that the REGISTER request was sourced from port 5160. If this is a chan_sip trunk, why didn’t you use pjsip? Otherwise, please explain the port bindings.

I success to register the pjsip endpoints, the image you see is about SIP trunk register problem

Why is the SIP trunk not configured with pjsip?

Hi, can you provide me some tutorial about what is said? I learning with youtube video, then my knowledge it not good for now, thanks you

I message from one of the original FreePBX creators on docker with FreePBX

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