Can't seem to edit wiki anymore

Doesn’t seem I can edit/add pages to the wiki any more after the last round of updates. There is an issue with the manual install page for v16 here: Installing FreePBX 16 on Debian 10.9 - FreePBX OpenSource Project - Documentation

Please update which is a very outdated tarball to this: which has the most current updates in it. Specifically, the updates allowing FreePBX v16 to build against Asterisk v20.

It seems they don’t want the community doing things anymore which is an odd stance to take if you aren’t going to have the staff do it ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Guess you have to wait for someone to decide it is “their job”

So basically, I can assign myself tickets in the Issue tracker. I have a CLA so I can commit code changes and all that good stuff but I can no longer edit wiki pages? Yeah, totally odd.

@lgaetz Not very open sourcey feels here.

Hi Tom

As a member of the ‘contributors’ group, you generally have create/edit access for the entire FreePBX space in the wiki. The permissions for this specific page were overridden from the space defaults for ${reasons} which may have been deliberate at one point, but don’t appear to be necessary. I’ve reverted page permissions to defaults so you should be able to make the proposed edit now.

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Thanks, yeah part of the issue I saw with that it looked to be written pre-GA release of v16. That might explain why I couldn’t edit.

Page permission changes don’t appear in the page history so I can’t confirm, but I suspect this particular wiki page existed as a private page prior to product launch. It was necessary to hide details until links were live and everything became public. When the page finally was made public, perms should have been reset to space defaults, but instead the custom permissions were edited to allow all to view. It may well have been me that did this, and if so, it was due to a lack of familiarity with how confluence works, not as a deliberate action to block community access.

Most things around here are my fault. I also let the dogs out, shot the deputy and was Billie Jean’s lover.

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Don’t forget Hoffa and JFK. Totally you.

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