Can't see Dahdi Channels in Asterisk Info -> channels

I can see my dahdi channels with CLI: dahdi show channels. If I look at Asterisk Info using FreePBX I can see SIP and IAX channels but no dahdi.

My dahdi hardware and extensions work. What am I doing wrong?

Also,…why does creating a dahdi/zap trunk NOT make any changes to chan_dahdi_additional.conf?

I apologize for my ignorance but I have very limited experience with dahdi.

I am in ZAP compatibility mode in my amportal.conf


Asterisk 1.4.29
dahdi 2.2.1
FreePBX 2.7.0
Ubuntu 9.10

It is unusual that you are using dahdi with asterisk 1.4. Usually dahdi is used with asterisk 1.6.

The biggest issue with dahdi is that you are playing with hardware drivers to the linux kernel. The config of the hw drivers is only read at boot-up, this means that any changes to the config file will not be updated to the hardware unless you restart the dahdi driver. So here’s the procedure AFTER you’ve configured the hw driver and asterisk config files:

At the Linux command prompt:

amportal stop <= stops asterisk
service dahdi restart <= dahdi stops, starts and reads the new config
amportal start <= starts asterisk and it will check it’s sw config against the hw config

For dahdi hardware files:

hardware config is /etc/dahdi/system.conf <= created by dahdi_genconf

For asterisk dahdi software configs:

/etc/asterisk/chan_dahdi.conf <= global settings and includes to other files

/etc/asterisk/dahdi_channels.conf <= created by dahdi_genconf - don’t use as it creates sample extensions which conflict with FreePBX extensions

/etc/asterisk/chan_dahdi_additional.conf <= created by FreePBX when you create dahdi extensions

/etc/asterisk/chan_dahdi_custom.conf <= manually created by you for FXO and T1 trunks

Here’s more than you ever want to know about dahdi and asterisk

If nothing shows up in the Asterisk CLI> for dahdi, it usually means that there is a conflict in the configurations between the hw and sw. Usually a typo, wrong signalling type, missing echo cancellor or … Asterisk is very unforgiving. You can view Asterisk’s log file located at /var/log/asterisk/full to see the dahdi channel registration. Warning it is a VERY big file. You can try running at the linux command prompt:

“cat /var/log/asterisk/full | grep chan_dahdi.c” to show all lines that have the word chan_dahdi.c in them for clues.