Can't Restore Backup (nothing happens) - FreePBX

I am using an initial install of PiaF 17571 (32-bit).

Currently running FreePBX Core
Asterisk V1.8.6.0
Backup & Restore

Up until the last week, the system has been doing fine (other than some issues with T38 over VOIP). Over the weekend we had some config changes go wrong that I need to revert back out of.

I have the box setup to do automated weekly backups plus I did an immediate backup last Friday.

So, I have tried to restore the configuration from the backup and, as far as I can tell, absolutely nothing gets restored.

Should a dialog of some kind be displayed during the restore process? Mine just pauses for a few seconds, shows a relatively blank screen and then has the “Apply” button visible at the top.

After I do an apply, all of the config files are exactly the same as they were BEFORE I did the restore. So, it sounds like neither the Asterisk or FreePBX databases are getting restored.

I have checked the backup files by hand and verified that the appropriate components (databased dump, SQL files, etc) all seem to be in the backup, so I don’t think that is the problem.

Is it potentially a permissions issue? If so, does anyone have any ideas as to WHERE?

If all else fails I have a full Mondo image from December, but I really don’t want to go back that far.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!