Can't remove a module

Due to my installing firewall before it was available for my system, I now have a module on my system which is in a bit of a mess, and which won’t update (I can post the error if it matters, but I assume that this is entirely down to the mess I got the module into by installing it too early, so not really worth worrying about). However, the interesting thing is that I cannot remove the module from the web interface:

In fact, it would seem that some combination of an upgrade being available and/or a module being disabled blocks the uninstall or remove options - which is a shame, because that may be precisely when you wish to remove a module!

Obviously, this isn’t a critical issue, and it may be desired behaviour for some reason I haven’t realised, but if not can I suggest that this limitation is removed?

There was a bug in 13, where I’d disabled the module removal functionality.

Just edit the module.xml file and remove that flag.

Sadly, the mdoule.xml has been overwritten by the more recent versions, and the flag isn’t there to be changed. The failure to install .14 (.15, .16) seems to have happened after the module.xml was set to the new version, but then the module was disabled. So my only option is to upgrade to .16, which fails.

In the end I did it manually using fwconsole. It gave a warning that it was unable to run the uninstall script, but the moudle is no listed as present but uninstalled, whcih is fine.

Ooh, you know, that’s an extremely good point. I don’t know why I set that flag. Sorry about that.

Luckily you would probably have been the only person who would have been bitten by that bug, and you knew to come here and yell at me about it 8)

Just happy that it’s gone :slight_smile:

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