Can't register softphone using Zoiper but able to register with the Mizudroid

Hello All,
I have deployed the freepbx on the Azure cloud. I have assigned the 3 extension 4001,4002 and 4003. I have allowed the following ports inbound in azure (see attachment please)

I am able to register the extension from cloud freepbx with Mizudroid but I am not able to register with zoiper however I am able to register extension with zoiper in my internal server and make call to my internal server (Not connected with my cloud Pbx)

Why I am getting this issue, Can someone please help me in this regard.
Thank you

How did you configure the SIP protocols? Because your screenshot is confused. I assume the name Port_8080 is a screw up?

How did you configure the extension? Are you using the matching protocol?

sngrep tells all if you are not trying to use TLS.

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