Can't Receive incoming calls

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Hello All and first of all thank you for your time reading my issue.
I’m new on Free PBX, I have already my extension numbers working, on my company we’ve like more than 30 telephones and extensions.
We’re using LinPhone as a Client VoIP , we can call from Linphone to other extensions and to other numbers but we are not able to receive the calls on the client, when someone calls , for example extension 202 (already configurated on PBX and on linphone ) the incoming call doesn’t go to the linphone client instead of this it goes directly to the phone.
Is a weird thing and I don’t find a solution, sometimes it works and the incoming calls are redirect correctly to the linphone client but other times it doesn’t work.

I’ve checked some logs and this is what I find when the incoming call doesn’t redirect:

[/belle-sip] MESSAGE channel [14AF9E70]: keep alive sent to [UDP://xxx:5060]

I can give for information about my PBX configuration if it’s needed.

Is there someone that have this problem too?

Thank you for everything community!



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Are the phones you are using Linphone on iPhones?

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Dear dcowan,

No. We’re using linphone client on a desktop as windows or mac.

Thank you

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Is the FreePBX server on the same local network as the softphones?

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How is your inbound route set up? /var/log/asterisk/ full will tell you how the call was actually processed.

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