Can't Receive incoming calls

Hello All and first of all thank you for your time reading my issue.
I’m new on Free PBX, I have already my extension numbers working, on my company we’ve like more than 30 telephones and extensions.
We’re using LinPhone as a Client VoIP , we can call from Linphone to other extensions and to other numbers but we are not able to receive the calls on the client, when someone calls , for example extension 202 (already configurated on PBX and on linphone ) the incoming call doesn’t go to the linphone client instead of this it goes directly to the phone.
Is a weird thing and I don’t find a solution, sometimes it works and the incoming calls are redirect correctly to the linphone client but other times it doesn’t work.

I’ve checked some logs and this is what I find when the incoming call doesn’t redirect:

[/belle-sip] MESSAGE channel [14AF9E70]: keep alive sent to [UDP://xxx:5060]

I can give for information about my PBX configuration if it’s needed.

Is there someone that have this problem too?

Thank you for everything community!



Are the phones you are using Linphone on iPhones?

Dear dcowan,

No. We’re using linphone client on a desktop as windows or mac.

Thank you

Is the FreePBX server on the same local network as the softphones?

How is your inbound route set up? /var/log/asterisk/ full will tell you how the call was actually processed.

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