Cant rebuls configs with endpoint manager

I am trying to update a Polycom vvx311 with VVXcolor but when I apply and try to rebuild the config I get

“Undefined index: value

FreePBX 15.0.21
EndPoint Manager
Polycom FM Ver. 1.07 and 1.11

I’m unable to repro this, so please open a commercial module support ticket.

So If you try to Modify the Line Keys on the sidecar in either the endpoint UCP or the UCP Endpoint manager.
and try to apply the changes and update
I get the error in both the Enpoint Manager or the UCP Endpoint manager

I am unable to repro. I’m testing with EPM, which will probably have the same poly code as what you’re using. I recommend a support ticket.

You would probably need his template, mapping, etc

Based on the error alone, he’s got a blank field that probably is not validated in the UI so it doesn’t set properly when it’s iterating the build. In the back end there’s no isset check which could be in any number of places.

Just my guess

So after More Digging, if I switch the phone type from vvx 311 to vvx 310 ( in the extension mapping) . and i don’t use the UCP Custom enterys to do the save and rebuild. it works fine. the UCP will not rebuild the files in the tftpboot folder and the VVX 311 will not recognize vvx color Sidecar.

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