Can't ping freepbx vlan I created?

Hello…new guy pulling my hair out here!

I added my VOICE vlan under System Admin ---- Networking.

After doing so, I can see that the new VLAN is working going FROM the pbx machine, TO the internet. But whenever I try and ping the VLAN interface on the freepbx machine, it doesn’t reply back? If I can’t ping it, my phones can’t connect either.

Data network 192.168.32.X/24
Voice VLAN 172.16.32.X/24

Am I missing something? I currently have the phones working fine on the voice lan, but have the freepbx machine IP in the 192.168.32.X range. I’d like to completely segregate everything and give it a 172 address…if it would work :-(.

Please help!

Under Settings -> Asterisk SIP settings have you added your VLANs there under local networks?

Yes I have.

Still nothing. I disabled the IPTABLES / firewall on the box to make sure nothing was being blocked from the machine…nothing.

I can ping all my phones in the 172 range…and the freepbx box is on the same switch, using the same VLAN, so it should be working fine… I don’t get it.

Anything else I could be missing? Anything on the freepbx machine that might not reply or accept incoming / pings?

Has there been any updates to the solution for this issue?

I have the same issue with a new PBX 60 and Sangoma 300/500 phones on the same vlan.

Currently using the native vlan on eth0 (x.x.150.0/24) to manage PBX, but can not access GUI or ping the PBX the on eth1 (x.x.5.10/24). The vlan tagging is being done on a simple L2 switch and appears to be working fine for each of the other vlans.

I have 5 vlans and the x.x.5.0/24 subnet is managing DHCP requests and phones can be ping’d along with test workstation without issue on VLANID=6. I have run the FIREWALL wizard and have turned it off as well with no change. I have applied the IP to the PBX NIC statically and again no ping and no access to GUI.

disabled firewall
Excluded IP’s from Intrusion Detection

I additionally added eth2 (DHCP) on another vlan (vlanid=10) and can not ping that either.