Cant pickup calls once placed on Hold

Hi Everyone, have been a long time lurker, but now need some advice which doesnt seem to be answered anywhere… yet.

We have a system set up which is working wonderfully, however one thing that is of slight annoyance at the moment is that when I place a call on HOLD by pressing the hand key on a Cisco SPA502G phone, the caller correctly gets put on hold, but when I press the softkey for Resume the caller gets taken off hold but they cant hear me, I can hear everything they are saying.

Have I missed something somewhere? I have updated the firmware on the phones and still the problem persists.

Any help would be appreciated.


sorry perhaps I should add that I have also upgraded FreePBX to 2.9.0Beta2.4 to see if this gets rid of the problem and still it persists

Further tests reveal that its the music on hold thats causing the problem. When i deactivate it for the inbound route I can place a call on hold and resume it without any problems.

Any advice here?