Can't Pick up with *8


when I call from outside (SIP TRUNK) and route the call to extension 15, direct pickup with **15 or *8 dosen’t work.
I have freepbx 2.5.1 With Asterisk and i use 2 Sipura/SPA921-4.1.10 ( sip trunk)
Any Ideas?

did you define call pickup groups? I’m guessing not based on what you are trying to dial. If you use the search at the upper right and type “call pickup groups” there are several messages covering it quite well.

See How to use callgroups and pickgroups

The setting is corrent all extensions have pickup group and callgroup 1 i use (5)Linksys SPA921 and(2) Grandstream GXP-2010 and (3)Linksys PAP2T. When 1phone is ringing i push *8# from other phone( in the same callgroup, pickupgroup and the same ringgroup) i take the line but i hear in headphone the ringing and when i close, it is hang up.
I am searching but all settings looks correct.
Any idea what happened.

Are you 100% sure that the extension that is ringing and the phone you are testing are in the same call group? If you are like us we have several phones that have more then one extension. Is the phone might be ringing but it’s for the extension that is in another call group and not the primary one you are thinking it is?

I know the functionality works fine for the 2.5 branch if you have it all configured properly.