Can't Open a Case - Review Needed

I’ve been trying to open a case since last week. I need to move a purchased license registration from an old installation of FreePBX to a new one (but it’s not showing in my account).

When I try to open a case, I get a message that “Your new user registration has been flagged for review.” This is not a new registration. My account is YEARS old.

I’ve left voicemails for the FreePBX group, I’ve emailed the sales rep listed in the portal. Nothing. No responses. I can’t get support on the line without going to the incorrect (system down) because the phone system requires a ticket number, which I cannot create.

Does anyone have any suggestions? The Sangoma support system is a hot mess.

@cosmicwombat @cdolese

Thanks for the bump. This got someone’s attention and they fixed it. I can open cases now. Again thanks!

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