Can't Move File to TFTP with Sysadmin PRO

We are really struggling with our install. We need to move a file into the /tftpboot folder, a config file for aastra phones. We bought the sysadmin pro module just to turn FTP on.

We can log in to FTP, but we don’t have permissions to drop a file there in that folder.

The error we get is “Critical file transfer error” in our FTP program. I know there are linux ways to do this, but we just can’t get that to work either.

Correct for sanity purposes you can not put files in tftpboot with tftp or FTP. Its a read only setup.

That’s odd, Polycom’s write their log to tftpboot

I would not use ftp to move that file anyway, use winscp with root credentials.

Considering the t in tftp and the need for a -c (create) in your server options for tftpd will allow the polycoms to upload stuff also with tftp. If you have that -c then you should bre able to do it with any tftp client.