Can't make outbound calls via sip trunk

Hi everyone. I am new to FreePBX and Asterisk in general.
Starting from a clean installation of the lastest FreePBX iso I configured:

  • 2 Extension
  • 1 Sip Trunk
  • An inbound route
  • An outbound route

I’m using a softphone (‘telephone’ app on my Mac) to register to my extensions, i can call each other, i can call my Sip trunk from my cell phone and my extensions can answer but i can’t place outside calls using my extensions as i get a voice telling me ‘all the circuits are busy now’

If i set the the Sip trunk on my softphone or using 3cx everything works fine.

Can someone help troubleshoot this?

Hard to tell why this is happening with no call logs.

Thanks a lot for providing that link. Here’s a pastebin from the moment of freepbx startup, what i’ve done is calliing my phone number from my softphone

Line 131 of the log shows:
[2018-02-25 21:11:22] WARNING[2338] res_pjsip_outbound_authenticator_digest.c: Endpoint: 'VoipVoice': Authentication credentials not accepted by server.

Since your credentials are correct (you can register and receive calls), I’m guessing that some trunk setting is not what VoipVoice requires. We can try a few ‘easy’ things; if they don’t work we’ll have to look at the SIP to see what is wrong.

First, try setting for the trunk pjsip Settings -> Advanced:

From Domain:
From User: 0553988986
(this should be your VoipVoice username, not some other number you may have with them)

If that doesn’t help, try setting for the trunk General:

Outbound CallerID: “0553988986” <0553988986>
(use your VoipVoice username)
CID Options: Force Trunk CID

These last changes will cause only your main number to be sent. If this enables you to make calls but you have multiple numbers with VoipVoice, we can fix that later.

If you still have trouble, enable pjsip logging. At the Asterisk command line, issue
pjsip set logger on
then make a call and your Asterisk log should show the outgoing INVITE request and the error returned by VoipVoice.

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Stewart, you got the solution!! I need to give the ‘from domain’ value. after that i’m able to make outbound calls. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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