Cant make outbound calls on zoiper

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same problem at line 134, cause 58 needs to be resolved at the voipphone end

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will this help



That would depend on voipphone.

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ok im pretty sure i need to add my CID, im just trying everything out, will let you know

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when you say voipphone, do you mean my SIP provider? @dicko


It’s not what ‘I’ mean (although I have been mistyping voipphone for voipfone), it is what ‘You’ mean

Dial(“SIP/201-0000017d”, “SIP/voipfone-sip/155@voipfone,300, . ./

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@dicko @adell4444

solved, looks like voipfone didnt work with SIP anymore, i made a PJSIP Trunk instead