Cant make calls until a reload

Asterisk 1.2.18 / FreePBX 2.8.1

A weird problem just started today. I got a call regarding our pbx not allowing users to make calls out trunks or between extensions. Checked the system, no changes, no errors, and no issues that I can find other than a restart due to an asterisk core dump.

Calls out trunks give this error during the process:
Unable to create channel of type ‘’ (cause 66 - Channel not implemented)

Calls to other extensions ring to voice mail

After trying many things I was able to resolve the issue by doing a “reload” locally with a console.

I then restarted amportal and the problem came back! I did a “reload” from the console and the problem went away.

After rebooting the machine or restarting amportal the problem returns until I do the “manual reload”. I can duplicate this over and over on my system.

I am stumped as to why this might occur. It would seem that during asterisk start up, not all config files are loading properly; yet a reload processes them fine. I did a compare of the dialplans before and after the reload and my “diff” reports no changes.

Whats weird is that it affects all calls to/from extensions, but yet I can dial into the system and get the IVR. Of course, trying to ring an extension gives me voicemail.

Any ideas why this might be happening? Ideas what I can check?