Can't Login to, to report error in deployment...contract expired but no contract ever

Good day!

It has been a long time since I have needed to login to ask for help as my FreePBX just keeps chugging away!

Yesterday I updated all of the modules to the current versions (not edge) and today one of my systems reported an error in in my deployment ID that my support contract expired. I have never had a support contract. I did play with the extensions routes module (a commercial module) a long time ago and it expired a long time ago. That’s it. It is disabled in my modules and has been.

I can login fine to the Sangoma Portal and see no issues with any of my deployments there. The error tells me to log into the wiki on how to buy licenses then gives a link to and the instructions there tell me my credentials will work. They do not… I always get a user not verified but I do see a button that states Resend Verification Code. I never was sent a verification code, I was not told that one would be coming but I clicked it and viola I received a verification code. Followed the link and got to the next dam in the river stating I had a single sign on error please contact my salesforce.


The crux is my problem started with; why did I get a support contract expired error/notification in the Dashboard when as far as I know I never had any support contract on my FreePBX? I do have a LONG expired extension routes module disabled… The only thing I can suggest as I did see something telling me it was expired after I installed the module updates.

Any thoughts or help would be most appreciated.

Thanks you guys!!


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We saw this on a PBXACT machine. Work around was to go into admin gui under the activation menu. We ran update activation. That allowed a full update from the cli. After PBX updated, we rebooted the box and that seems to have cleared the error.

Thank-you very much for the reply. I will give that a try.
Do hope Sangoma will look at the web site links.


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