Can't join a conference via a Mitel SIP Trunk

HI Everyone,

I have a Mitel ICP3300 SIP trunked to a FreePBX/Asterisk box created using an ISO downloaded from here last week.

Everything works fine in both directions except that calls from the Mitel world to a conference number (295) on the Asterisk side return ‘The number you have dialed is not in service’. If, however, I setup an extension (290), with a Follow-me of 295, dialling 290 from a Mitel-attached phone gets me to the conference.

Is this expected behaviour or should the Mitel world be able to call Asterisk-based conferences directly as if they were extensions?

Anything worth checking?


Edit: Adding an inbound route with a DID of 295 (pointing to the conference) also works - but is this how it should be done?

have you set the trunk up as type=friend?

No, it’s a peer.

set it to friend and then try it again…

any of you guys have a sip trunk basic setup from a 3300 to a freepbx.

i currently have

trunkname : mitel


user context = blank
user details = blank

register string :

5304:[email protected]/5304

But i cant for the life of me get the systems to register up

Linker, did marking the trunk as friend work for you? We’re looking at integrating Freepbx with a mitel system and I want as much ammo as I can before tackling it.