Cant install sys admin

I have a freepbx 12 running on a debian server. Not part of freepbx distro

Wanted to install sys admin in oder to purchase fax pro. But unable to install sys admin despite installing zen guard loader and incron. Do I have to buy sys admin pro in order to buy fax pro?

Sysadmin and the commercial modules are only supported on CentOS.

Well not CentOS only but any RHEL based system. We do not support any other Distribution.

Does that mean it doesn’t work on anything but RH or just that you don’t support anything but RH?

(that would not be supported “distribution” per-se, just OS, FreePBX still supports any OS, am I not wrong ? )

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It does not work. We have very specific RPMs that have to be installed including the sysadmin RPM which is only distributed as a RPM. Now I am sure people can force make things semi work but we offer no support on it as you well know Dicko so lets not start down this rat hole with you again. You do this every time. Please just let it rest. Its a choice we have made.

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Topic is closed as it has been answered and does not need to be side tracked with unrelated discussions.

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