Cant install Sys admin because of " Zendguard "

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

What type of server are you trying to install FreePBX on?

How? What Version? Which process? What hardware?

Savvy users already know, but some of us are clueless. Tell us more.

CentOS 7, we have it hosted on AWS. Everything was working fine and al of a sudden this happens. ( sorry i didnt provide info im new to this )

Gotcha. I know you run into zend issues when trying to use an arc (sp?) chip. Doesn’t sound like that is the case here

i honestly dont know. Everything was up and running and i had sys admin working fine. But walked into the office with this issue.

You can only install Commercial Modules (like SysAdmin) on a Distro machine. If you upgraded the software on your machine using anything but the Sangoma archives (say, you installed a new version of PHP for another project or you rolled your own server), you would get this.

what would you suggest i do to resolve this issue?

You haven’t confirmed my suspicion, but I’d start with installing the Distro so you get commercial module support.

Hi Dave,

We did install the distro. We got it straight from freepbx website.

The screenshot below shows the error message i get whenever i try to log in.

Not if you installed it on AWS since they don’t allow ISOs to be installed like that. Did you either A) do the process to build a VM from the ISO, export that VM and import it into AWS? B) Install the FreePBX image from the store from the WayBack people that maintain it?

If you haven’t done any of those then, no, you haven’t installed the Distro.

Hi Tom,

I did option A. We did a VM export to AWS. We have PHP 5.6.40 and Zendguard V3.3 our PBX version is 15.

And if you do the command php -v on the AWS server, what is the output?

PHP 5.6.40 (cli) (built: Jan 22 2019 23:51:52)
Copyright © 1997-2016 The PHP Group
Zend Engine v2.6.0, Copyright © 1998-2016 Zend Technologies
with Zend Guard Loader v3.3, Copyright © 1998-2014, by Zend Technologies
with Zend OPcache v7.0.4-dev, Copyright © 1999-2015, by Zend Technologies

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