Can't Install FreePBX on CentOS 7

I am installing FreePBX 13 on CentOS 7. I get down to the very last two steps:

./start_asterisk start
./install -n
and after trying to run the second command the second one would fail and give me this output.
Checking if SELinux is enabled…It’s not (good)!
Checking if Asterisk is running and we can talk to it as the ‘Asterisk’ uer…Done
Preliminary checks done. Starting FreePBX Installation
Checking if this is a new install…Yes (No /etc/freepbx.conf file detected)
Database Root installation checking credentials and permissions…Error!
Invalid Database Permissions. The error was: SQLSTATE[20000] [1045] Access deniedfor user ‘root’@‘localhost’(using password: NO)

I went back and made sure that the password was something that I knew and it still won’t work.


You have a password set on the root user and you didn’t define the password.

where and how do I define the password? is it in the command itself or in a file?

I set the password when I put this command in: mysql_secure_installation.

./install --help

I am thinking that the -r argument is how I might input the password, but it doesn’t work when I do it that way.

you also can reset root password as empty by mysql command.

This is listed in --help.

 --dbuser              Database username (default: "root")
 --dbpass              Database password (default: "")