Can't grab dialstatus for calls where phone number is not in service

I am using the manager interface to make a call. When the line is busy, I see an event in macro-dialout-trunk where the dialplan goes to s-busy extension. This is great since I can then detect a busy response.

For calls where the number is not in service, asterisk hangs up, but I can’t detect the dial status. Looking at the events, dial status is null. When I try a line NoOp(${DIALSTATUS}) in macro-dialout-trunk, it is skipped:

Oh, I found it…
I just put a NoOp in the hangup extension (prior to hangup command) and the dialstatus is reporting fine as cancel. Just could not get it to work in the s extension for some reason. I do see an s-cancel extension, it just does not work.

Any thoughts why the cancel extension does not work?