Can't get past Unprovisioned on Cisco 7970

First off this is the release I am on… FreePBX 12.0.70, Cisco 7970g sip8-2-2sr3

I am green so please take it easy on me. I must be missing something I have downgraded firmware upgraded firmware and get the same results. I unstained I must have a SEPmac.cnf.xml file as well as it appears a XMLDefault.xml file. I go into the phone itself to manually configure the lines and don’t have the option of modifying those entries. Is all the server info and line settings supposed to be in the SEPmac file? I have attempted to build both of these files and feel I’m doing them wrong. Does anyone have working files that they would be willing to send me that I could modify with my settings?
It seems to be totally different than the 7960g or the Polycom I have working.

I might be running the wrong direction with this…

Thanks in advance,

I’m getting the feeling that the 7970g just needs to go away since nobody seems to know how to make them work. OSS end point manager doesn’t seem to be able to make it work. Its a shame but i’m tired of working on it.

Hi Neal,

I don’t have experience with 7970’s but am pretty familiar with 7940, 7941 and 7942 which share a few common traits.

Firstly, have a look at this site - lots of information about the configuration files.

I’ve found the Cisco phone support in OSS EPM isn’t that great, but was good enough to get a test 7940 working for me.

Let me know how you go. Happy to keep helping you out to get these phones working. They do work, they really do :smile:

I am out of town currently and will need to find several more hours to waste on the 7970 phone before I try again. I have looked over the link you sent and will have to work on the config files since they comment that it must be perfect otherwise it doesn’t work. I would have to agree with that statement I’m sure the configs are not perfect and it sure doesn’t work. I’m just not sure its worth the trouble to make it work other than being able to say I did. I took the firmware back to 8-2-2SR3 trying everything on the way and now can’t get the phone to except the newer firmware versions anymore. Gets stuck looping on the boot until I finally give up and change the tftp files back to the old version.

The 7960 wasn’t near this hard to get working. I managed to get it working before installing OSS.

The firmware looping problem might be to do with XMLDefault.cnf.xml file, this usually has a pointer in it which specifies which model phone will load which firmware;

<loadInformation30006 model="IP Phone 7970">SIP70.8-2-2SR3</loadInformation30006>

Also (this might be 7940 specific, pretty sure XML config phones don’t need this) there is the OS79XX.TXT file which specifies the firmware version. The phones compare their version, with what’s written in this file to determine if they should look for firmware, or if they’re already on the correct version. If this file is being used by the 7970, confirm that it also has the right info in there. Mine for example looks just like;


Always when having problems with phones, especially if you’re unsure what files they are wanting from TFTP, reboot the phone tail the tftpd logs so you can see exactly what’s requested and what’s downloaded;

tail -f /var/log/messages

…is where TFTP gets logged to by default in Asterisk.