Can't Get Module Downloads behind proxy


I am having issues getting freepbx to download the module updates. We do have barracuda proxy (that’s co-located). I have read some posts that mention forcing the system to use wget (something php does that proxy’s don’t like). I cant see how i can force this via the web management interface. I had a couple of ideas but i wasn’t too sure how to implement them.

We have access to a totally separate broadband internet that i could connect to the 2nd NIC. Would this work? i.e internal lan access/voip on one nic and the updates from the internet on the 2nd?

Perhaps forcing the pbx to take a specific static route - ie push it direct to the firewall on the lan hence bypassing the proxy.

I am bit new to this so was wondering how I could get round this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


What version are you using.

In modern version it will automatically try to fail over and even set the Advanced Setting for you once it detects that it needs to use wget. If it is already doing that then that means wget is also not working.

Under GUI Behavior the setting is “Use wget For Module Admin.”

If that is set and it is still not working, we could try to add the settings of --proxy_user and --proxy_password to wget. If you go into the code and add those along with the valid credentials and find it fixes your system, file a feature request ticket and we could add Advanced Settings the would optionally add those when running with wget.

No guarantees this is a solution for everyone. But, it does work for our environment (Distro Install From a tadpole’s perspective:

  1. Under the GUI Admin drop-down, select System Admin and click the DNS link on the right. Enter the IP’s for your DNS servers.
  2. From command line (ie ssh), edit /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf. Change HostnameLookups from off to on.
  3. Restart httpd service. (‘service httpd restart’)

Step 1 allows for online updates to be checked. Step 2 allows for updates to actually be downloaded.

For detailed discussion, please refer to posted 8/23/07.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

You shouldn’t have to edit the httpd.conf file if you have your DNS IP’s entered and your firewall guys have added your server IP into a rule that allows it to bypass http.