Cant Get Incoming Calls to Work Using DID Numbers


I am a novice at Asterisk and FreePBX although do understand most of it.

I have installed a TE122 Digium card (digital PRI) which is working fine. I am using AsterixNow 2.0 and FreePBX 2.11 with dahdi linux

Our SIP Provider is BT and they have just released all our DID numbers. However the way BT work is that they convert the SIP to ISDN and back to SIP in Asterisk.

Everything works fine, except when I enter the DID numbers in each extension, I get an error stating “The number you have called is not in service”.

When I remove the DID number, and ring any DID number, they ring to one phone or group of phones.

I have searched forums for 2 days and I just cant seem to figure out why I cant get each extension ringing that is set to its individual DID but when I remove the DID on a particular extension or group, the call goes through.

For FYI in the Extension setting, there is no CID Num Alias displayed.

The first thing, you don’t put DID numbers in the extension setting. That goes in the inbound route. In fact, I don’t think there is even a place in the extension setup page to put a DID.

The DID goes in the inbound route and the destination of the inbound route it the extension, group, or wherever you want that DID to terminate.

Usually, there is a catchall inbound route basically with nothing in it as far as DID matches that will go to a particular destination in case the number isn’t matched.

Another thing that has confused people: Caller ID and DID are not the same thing.

Finally another random thought. The DID you enter has to exactly match the DID coming in from TELCO. Here, for example, the DID can be 3, 4, 5, 7 or 10 digits, depending on how my provider sets it up. I choose 10.


This is the error I get when the DIDs are set

deleted logs per use request…

Hi Bill

My apologies for not being clear. The DID numbers are in the inbound routes for each extension.

In the Description I have name of Employee
In DID number is one of the 10 digit DID given by BT (Telco provider)
CallerID Number is empty

This is the email I got from BT

As discussed here is your new number range. To ensure operation you will require an PBX engineer to configure your phone system:

0xxx9147448 to 0xxx9147467

However after reading what Bill wrote, I saw the error file above and it says unknown call hitting 147450.

I set the DID to 14750 and lo behold, incoming calls to that route worked on that extension!!

Arggghh I feel like smacking the *&^%^ out of my Telco Provider!!