Can't get Aastra phone working

First of all, FreePBX is a really nice piece of software. Thanks to the developers!

Now I have a problem with my Aastra phone, I can’t get it working on my PBX when the phone should get the configuration. When I manually configure my PBX settings I have no problems.

But when I want my phone to get the configuration files from the PBX I don’t have any chance… Tried many different options like DHCP 66. Also reseted my phone many times, without luck.

It’s absolutly frustrating to get such simple thing not working.

Hope someone can help me.

Best Regards

It depends on where your phone is network-wise, if it uses DHCP to get an address than the same DHCP server needs to provide a destination for option 66 (at least by default and after you factory default it. it will use tftp) and so your designated tftp server will then send aastra.cfg if the phone can reach said tftp server, then follows any appropriate .tuz file if using ssl then the {macaddress}.cfg if the tftp server has it available, if the phone is not on the same network as the tftp server then any firewall must provide access to port udp/69 to the server so designated as option 66. Add server options -vv to your inetd/xinetd file to see what gets into /var/log/messages to debug.