Can't edit extension 0

Was originally running FPBX but ran into this issue so upgraded to hoping it’d be fixed.

Created a virtual extension “0”. Doesn’t seem to matter if it’s a virtual or SIP extension though.

Extension creates just fine, and it works normally, but I cannot edit it. I edit, and click submit and am given the following message:
“This user/extension 0 is already in use”

I can delete the extension without any issue, but I’d really like to have “0” as our operator/reception extension.

Any idea’s?

Well not sure why you’d want to have an extension of 0, since in IVRs you can say what 0 is. Or you can setup Misc Destinations to go to the receptionists phone (there are other ways to do this besides making that phone 0) but then again you are the end user and that’s your choice. I advise you fill out a bug report :slight_smile:

Well this is the thing. Our users are used to dialing 0 to get the receptionist. I don’t really care how it’s done in the background, but ultimately I need a way for our internal users to dial 0 and land on reception.
How can this be done?

Nevermind. Misc Applications works fine.
Created a Misc Application called “Reception”. Feature code “0” and routes to ext 1000 (reception). This works fine.

If you’d like we can still file that bug request…

It should be logged. I installed the latest distro this week and the bug persists. Not just with extension 0, but any extension, inbound and outbound routes cannot be edited and receive this error. You can delete them and recreate though. Didn’t try trunks, but would expect it is probably the same issue.

It persists because no one has filed a report against it.

Well, let’s file it! What’s that take? Your title says “Developer,” I’d think you would do that automatically?

All do respect its up to users who find bugs to report them into our tracker so someone can look at it and get it resolved. See the bug image at the top of our screen says Bug Tracker. Please go report the bug.

I misunderstood you. You are talking about trying to edit anything on your system. That is a system configuration issue. This thread is about extension 0, which makes sense (from a programming standpoint). You not being able to edit anything on your system is not a bug (remember we are a company that SELLS FreePBX and support, if the case was that editing was broken it would already be fixed)

From what I can tell, this bug was reported over a year before this thread was created. See:

It was marked as fixed but I am still experiencing it on the latest version. It looks like a new issue was opened by Andrew Nagy and is going to just see the ability to create “extension 0” blocked.

This is a long term fix. I am not going to block anything (as much as I’d like to) but the underlying problem is far more complex and not something we are spending time on at the moment.

I was skimming the second ticket and I saw this text:

Don’t let people create extension 0 and if they try then explain to them how to do it a different way.

That’s why I thought the functionality was just going to be blocked or removed. Looking closer it looks like you were editing the ticket to remove that blurb.