Can't dial out from received call list on Polycom phones

We are having the following issue.
Our freePBX server is located onpremise inside vlan.
We have two users with a physical extension phone (Polycom VVX 410) that work from home.
If extension 202 calls extension 201, the call shows up in the 201 phone received calls.
When extension 201 reviews received calls and selects the call from 202 to dial out, he gets a rapid busy tone and is unable to dial out.
The reverse is also true (ext 202 trying to call 201 from received calls).
I notice that the received calls log on the Polycom phone shows the call coming from sip:202@[IP address of freepbx server].

Can someone please help guide me how to configure things in order to be able to call back from received calls on Polycom phones? Thank you.

Thank you. I added this to the Polycom phones and now it works flawlessly.

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