Can't dial 012XX area codes

I have recently setup a new phone server with AsteriskNOW v11. The users are having trouble dialling numbers with area codes starting 012, as soon as they get to 2 it thinks it’s found a match and starts to dial 012 which ends with the server saying the ‘call cannot be completed as dialled’. They can get around it by leaving the phone on the hook and keying the full number then pressing dial or picking up the handset. This doesn’t appear to be a feature code unless I’ve missed it?

Outbound dial pattern is currently this:


what could it be?

Ok I have found something, it looks like the phones also have a dial plan which is possibly set to US style at the moment. Does anybody have a UK style dial plan for Polycom phones, mainly 301’s?

This may help you.

Thanks Mark that looks spot on. :grinning: