Can't connect Voicehost SIP

Hey Everyone, I’ve been having some troubles connecting Voicehost SIP Trunk to FreePBX, I have all the usernames, passwords and IP Addresses correct but it just isn’t working,

I run 2 phone numbers through Voicehost and I want them to route to FreePBX where I have everything setup, I used to use 3CX but they IP Blocked me so I just didn’t want to be on their system anymore.

If you need any data to help out just leave a reply



Have you checked if the trunk is connected using the following command: asterisk -rx “sip show peers”

You should verify if your trunk is connected and if you are receiving a “200 OK” status or any other response.

If the trunk is connected, you can check the full log of a call attempt using the command: grep XXXXXXX(dialed-phone-number) /var/log/asterisk/full. This will help you identify the reason why you cannot call through the provider.

That only applies to the obsolete chan_sip and the OP should be using chan_pjsip.

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Correct, but still checking the trunk connection is the first step :slight_smile: