Can't connect to HA roming address through router

I have an HA cluster with the internal address of node 1 and node 2 and a roaming address of from inside the network, all phones connect to with no problem. however even when dmz’ing my server I never even see external phones hit the server(sip debugging on) but if I change the DMZ address to all external devices connect immediately.

this is driving me insane as I know the server is responding on because of the internal phones that connect to it and I know my firewall rules are correct as simply changing the internal address that gets pointed to fixes it, however, I no longer have HA if I don’t point to the roaming address.

I am not even sure where to look to see what is going on differently between the 2 addresses. my only thought is that node 1 is receiving on and then replying from thus confusing the router.

on a side note. if I enable DMZ on and connect several phones over the WAN and then switch the DMZ address back to all connected phones keep working and sometimes even reconnect but new phones don’t seem to make it through the firewall.

Have you bound SIP to the floating IP as indicated here:

I literally just discovered this myself when thinking about where the packets would return to. I was coming back here to post that as an answer to my own question but you beat me to it. thanks for the quick response.

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