Can't connect to Freepbx - 404 Page not found Error

I have asterisk and Freepbx installed on Ubuntu 14.04 server, following the instructions on the wiki for 2.11 on Ubuntu 12.04. As far as I can tell, everything installed as expected.

However, when I point a browser at the server (192.168.X.XXX), I get the default apache2 web page (located at /var/www/html). If I point my browser at 192.168.X.XXX/admin, I get a 404 page not found error. /var/www/admin exists; owner/group are asterisk:asterisk. Asterisk version 11.11.0 is running.

Suggestions welcome

Thanks for your time.


So that should be /var/www/html/admin

I believe you will find that the default DocumentRoot for older Debian based systems is /var/www/ newer systems use /var/www/html , You will need to modify the recipe you followed. just uninstall what you did and accept the default /var/www/html root path instead.

So this was/is a change that happened between 12.04 to 14.04?

I can’t say for sure if or when but Debian made that change with 7 so I assume that any derivative Ubuntus also would.

Setting the root to /var/www/html fixed the problem. Thanks for your help.

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