Can't connect to Asterisk after installing Freepbx - CentOS7


Everytime I install Freepbx 14 I can’t access Asterisk over asterisk -r anymore. Freepbx also isn’t able to connect to Asterisk. I have done every step of the guide how to install Freepbx 14 on CentOS7.

This is the output I’ve got after running Asterisk the first time after installing freepbx. You can see on the pictures that I’ve been in the CLI for a short time until the server has disconnected.

While installing Freepbx when it came to the debugging part it also has something said with json not found. I’ve also attached a picture of that. Has this something to do with it?

ht tps://
htt ps://

here is a screenshot of the output saying json doesn’t exist:
h ttps://

Your Asterisk is crashing. What version of Asterisk?

It’s Asterisk 13.06. Before I have installed freepbx it doesn’t crash though

Asterisk 13.6 is pretty old. You need to be using 13.16+ to get support.

Sorry I have mistyped. I’ve meant I have Asterisk 13.16

touch /etc/asterisk/ari.conf

Thank you very much, this has helped! But when I go back to the freepbx WebUI I get those exceptions:

ht tps://
htt ps://
htt ps://
htt ps://
htt ps://

I always hit the wrong reply buttons. Your solution has helped me but now I get exception on the WebUI, On my second post you can see the screenshots

You’re out of disk space.

I’ve figured that’s the disk space… How do I fix that?

Get more disk space? How else would you fix out of disk space?

You might have filled up your logs folder. But I am just guessing

Do you mean the hardware? I have given it 10 GB. So this space isn’t enough? I’ve thought they mean disk space for some logs and I should rewrite some configuration files to increase the size.If this is the case I don’t know which configuration file to edit and where