Can't connect into the internet

hello all I am having trouble getting my freepbx to connect to the internet

can someone show me what I am doing wrong. this is a fresh install.

please try to to detect the network cards and set the IP.

Your system detects a wlan ( wireless) but not a standard eth0 , do you have one?, how did you install the system? on what hardware?

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I have both running Nic and wireless. but I can’t get the Nic to see it. when I log into my router it does not see It. I changed the network wire and plugged a new wire right into the router and still notting. I’m running it on the intel nuc. I had may machine before working with the nuc and no problem

now something new happened when restarting network. it stated network.service failed because the control process exited with error code

run: lspci, it will show your network cards. maybe the network driver can not support your card?

No you dont have your driver loaded, but if you configure your wlan correctly with wpa-supplicant you will be able to download and nstall it from the intel website( your kernel is too old, and your packager has not added it as yet.

Its often easier to buy a usb to ethernet adapter for $5 from ebay to do that over understanding wpa-supplicant

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