Cant connect freepbx to microsip

Hello. I am a total noob at this so forgive me if I am saying stuff that sounds stupid.

So, I’ve been following guides online to set up my own phone system. I have a raspberry pi connected to the service provider Flowroute which is connected to Freepbx and has an extension. I have Microsip as the SIP client.

In Microsip account settings according to the guides I’m supposed to input the settings like this:
Account Name: (any name)
SIP Server: (my raspberry pi ip address)
Username: (my extension number)
Domain: (my raspberry pi ip address)
Login: (my extension number)
password: (my freepbx extension password)

However, when I do this it times out and can’t seem to connect. The only way I’ve gotten my phone system to work at all is by putting the account settings in Microsip to connect directly to Flowroute. The problem with this is that when I call someone the CID is always unknown. I’m guessing this is because I’m bypassing the freepbx with these settings. I would like to set up my system so that I can change the CID from unknown to whatever number I want for my business. What do you think might be wrong with my setup?

Do you declare the SIP/signaling port somewhere in the software? OR do you need to put it in the SIP or Domain (ex.

Thanks for the suggestion. I will make sure I have the port. I only have time to work on this once a week but will let you know if it works.

Confirm that you created a pjsip extension and that Secret (set by you or automatically generated) matches what you entered in microsip for password.

If you changed Port to Listen On in SIP Settings, put that value after the server address and a colon, for example where is the PBX local IP and 5678 is what you set for Port to Listen On.

There is nothing MicroSIP specific that needs to be done. I’ve been using it for years. Just enter all the info where it asks.

Assuming your PBX IP is, your extension is 200, and your password is “password” just enter the following info in MicroSIP.

SIP server:
SIP proxy:
Username: 200
Login: 200
Password: password

Thank you all so much for the help. The problem was not including the port after the IP. It works now.

You only need to do that if you are using a port other than 5060, which you did not make any mention of.

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