Can't configure CAS signalling on TE420 only have CCS on drop down

I am trying to hook up a Verilink 8224 which uses E1 and only supports CAS and FAS. I don’t think FAS will work with DAHDi so I am trying to get CAS working.

In connectivity -> DAHDi config and then editing my SPAN 3 I only have options for CCS/HDB3 with or without CRC4 but I need to use CAS and can’t see how I can set it.
SPAN 1 & 2 are set for CCS with PRI signalling and they are working correctly (to different equipment).

Asterisk version 11.15.0
FreePBX version 6.12.65-24

dahdi]# dahdi_hardware
pci:0000:04:08.0 wct4xxp+ d161:1420 Wildcard TE420 (5th Gen)

and /etc/dahdi/system.conf has

I think I want span=3,1,0,CAS,AMI,CRC4
The file tells me to check to see how to add my own config but system.conf isn’t listed on that web page.

trying to edit the above just to see if it works I change span 3 to CAS but doing that dahdi won’t start from a service dahdi restart I get
Running dahdi_cfg: DAHDI_CHANCONFIG failed on channel 78: Invalid argument (22)
Selected signaling not supported
Possible causes:
dchan is being used on a BRI span (use hardhdlc)
Signaling is being assigned to channel 16 of an E1 CAS span

Messing around with config in Freepbx I can’t seem to satisfy dahdi. If I hand edit and remove 78 from dchan in system.conf and change signalling to e&me1 then dahdi will start but span 1 and 2 don’t look entirely happy.

Any ideas?

There are things I can do manually to make the link come up but actually getting traffic flowing seems difficult. I was getting stuck on signalling and configuration.
I had initially tried to get this working thru a protocol converter but gave up because it seemed this might be easier.
Today I went back to the protocol converter and seem to be making progress. Can making inbound calls at least.

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