Can't change the file (recording) of conf-getpin.gsm

Dear All,

This is my first message here

I need to change the recording of the file conf-getpin.gsm, so I made the following things:

  1. record a wav file (8000Hz, 16bit)
  2. copy him with winscp to /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/en
  3. convert him with sox to .gsm
  4. backup the old file
  5. change the new one to the same name (conf-getpin.gsm)
  6. run chmod 775 conf-getpin.gsm
  7. run chown -R asterisk:asterisk conf-getpin.gsm
  8. run amportal restart

And after all that I still hear the old message, weird.

Someone can help me with that?

Why don’t you just rename the file? You must have a logic error around step 5.

Would also check Asterisk log and make sure that is the file you want to change.

Now I have the file conf-getpin.gsm in the correct location, why the asterisk don’t use him?

I’ll try the log file

The file I had to re-record is enter-conf-pin-number.gsm and NOT conf-getpin.gsm
Now it’s working