Can't Call Outbound

Hi All,

For some reason I can’t call outbound but can call inbound no problem, I have not long set this up and never used FreePBX before. As soon as I try to dial outbound I get a “can not be completed as dialed” message. I have checked dial patterns and have NXXNXXXXXX in. Not sure if it will help but I am in the UK and use Voipfone as my provider.

Any help will be appreciated

For anyone else who is using Voipfone as their provider and having the same issue. I have spoken with Voipfone today and they have fixed this issue. You will need to create a chan_pjsip trunk not use the documented chan_sip trunk. Here are the details.

General -

Trunk Name - <Account_Number>
Leave everything else


Leave everything how it is

pjsip Settings -
General -
           Username - <Account_Number>
           Auth username - <Account_Number>
           Secret - <Master_Account_Phone_Password>
           SIP Server -
           Leave everything else
Advanced -
           Contact User - <Account_Number>
           From User - <Account_Number>
           Leave everything else

and you are done.
Make sure that outbound routes dial patterns are set to X. as this will allow any dialled number.

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