Can't call out


someone in mycompany (he left) installed a freepbx gui & asterisk server. He changed some config i think. and now call not working.

when i try call i m getting this error on sip*CLI

[2014-09-01 16:22:45] WARNING[21113][C-0000ef9f]: ast_expr2.fl:470 ast_yyerror: ast_yyerror(): syntax error: syntax error, unexpected ‘>’, expecting $end; Input: > 0 ^
[2014-09-01 16:22:45] WARNING[21113][C-0000ef9f]: ast_expr2.fl:474 ast_yyerror: If you have questions, please refer to wiki/display/AST/Channel+Variables
[2014-09-01 16:22:45] WARNING[21113][C-0000ef9f]: func_logic.c:192 acf_if: Syntax IF(?[][:]) (expr must be non-null, and either or must be non-null)
[2014-09-01 16:22:45] WARNING[21113][C-0000ef9f]: func_logic.c:193 acf_if: In this case, =’’, =’’, and =‘15’

i can access admin panel

I think you need professional help here, my guess is your “he left” screwed you on his way out of the door, it won’t be easy for you to do it with no previous knowledge. I suggest you start with:-

i changed users and root password. what if hack after paid support :smiley:

My suggestion is… If this is a production server… Get paid support ASAP, and build a new FreePBX Distro box while that is happening… Copy the configs, do a “Bulk Extensions” export, download all of the System Recordings (either from the GUI or through SSH), replicate the IVR’s, Ring Groups, Queues, Call Flow Controls, Time Conditions, Time Groups, Trunks, Inbound/Outbound Routes… Etc…

We don’t know the Linux expertise of your predecessor. It might be impossible to know what kind of back door that he might have left open if he left on unfavorable terms.

I have replaced at least a dozen servers (FreePBX Distros) for the same reason. Better safe than sorry.

The Professional Support is a must if you are “Hard Down”. It will buy you some time to do a full PBX replacement/upgrade.

My 2 cents…

Do you have a backup you can reload?

Changing the passwords or restoring a backup after “the horse has left the barn (and taken his carrots with him)” is probably too late, if the horse left on bad terms there are any number of “backdoors” he could leave before his departure. So “What if hack BEFORE paid support” is more of your concern, do you know how to audit your system for such possible un-gentlemanly behavior?