Can't call Dubai

The person that set up Freepbx/Trixbox for us left abruptly and I’m struggling here, so please excuse me.

We can’t call Dubai, UAE. I found the indications.config file and can see that the country isn’t set up there. Can anyone help me with adding it? I did try to find my answer in the support, which is the only way I found the config files in the first place.

Thanks so much.

Hi, sorry to hear you are having problems, if I can just try to gather a little more information:

What country are you currently in?
What type of connection to the outside world does your asterisk server have (ISDN lines, POTS, VoIP only etc)?
Can you give an example of a Dubai phone number?
and an example of a phone number local to you, if different.

We have several different types of lines (sorry, don’t know all the acronyms), including VoIP. We have international calls directed to the VoIP lines in trixbox. The number we are trying to call is 011 971 6 556 1818 . A local number would be 813-818-0770.

Thank you for ANY direction. I just don’t know where to begin.


If you can dial other international numbers then I’d suggest the problem may be with your voip provider, they may not allow calls to that destination.

If you cant dial internationally at all, then it’s the configuration of your outbound routes in FreePBX.

Ideally you need to dial the number during a quiet period when no other phones are in use, and watch the call progression at the asterisk console, this will show step by step what is happening with the call, and will point to where the problem my be.

You mention trixbox, so there always the possibility that that’s the problem.

As it’s a trixbox, is it something that you installed yourself, or someone within your organisation installed, or was is a commercially purchased installation; if the latter, perhaps your vendor can offer some support?

If not, do try to access the asterisk console and report back on what’s shown there is you can.

I have a PBX tied to ZAP/g1 and have a 011. in the outbound route.
Routing is working fine, but for some reason when I look at the console, I find that the 011 is getting cut off only on external calls.
Internal SIP calls work fine.
From external PBX (not working - notice 011 is missing)
– Executing [[email protected]:2] Set(“Zap/46-1”, “_NODEST=”) in new stack

Sip call (working)
– Executing [[email protected]:1]

-- Executing [[email protected]:1] Set("SIP/70278441234-08faccf8", "CALLERID(num)=7027841234") in new stack
-- Executing [[email protected]:2] Dial("SIP/7027841234-08faccf8", "Zap/g0/011420222710774")

So somehow the 011 is getting stripped.
I did a bypass and attached the external PBX directly to the PRI and the calls go through just fine, so I know it is not an issue with the PBX.
Is there a way to monitor from the console or review of a file what asterisk sees on the inbound from the external PBX just to be sure?
I presume the above executing display is in fact just what is being processed not necessarily the decoded input on Span 2.

You could start with the logfiles, in my case in /var/log/asterisk .

You can also use pri debug span SPANNUMBER on the asterisk CLI, where SPANNUMBER is the number of the span involved. There is also a ‘pri intense debug span’ variant, but that is presumably overkill. Even the standard debug variant might be overkill for your purpose

edited wrong directory name

log files should be in /var/log/asterisk/ the file to look at would be full.

Indications.conf has nothing to do with whether you can dial the uae… you do not have to have uae in there.

You need to know the reason for the failure… To my knowledge, there are no service providers within the UAE.

Is there any way for you to extract the record (line) from the log that has Dial and has the uae number you are trying to reach… this should tell what the trunk is… then we work backwards to figure out how the trunk works/whether the trunk is peculiar in any way… like that

I speak with very little but “user” hands on experience with asterisk… but I was curious because of the geographic proximity of your destination (I live in Bahrain which does allow VoIP).