Can't Answer Calls & No Caller ID?


I’ve setup FreePBX 2.6.0.RC2.1 (Asterisk, CentOS 5.3) in a VM Player 2 image (this is for testing), and have used port forwarding to route my SIP trunk (Hostcomm) through my Netgear router. I have outgoing calls working, and incoming calls kind of working. However, I’m getting 2 problems:

Firstly outgoing calls work, but don’t display the Caller ID I’ve set. I have specified “Company” <0845XXXXXXX> as specified, but it just shows as ‘UNAVAILABLE’. I did have this working previously on the VMware TrixBox v2.0 image that is available for download. I was using exactly the same setting as I am now, and CID was displayed correctly, showing up as 0845XXXXXX on my landline phone.

Secondly, I can receive incoming calls, but can not answer them. I’m using ZoIPer as a softphone, and if I call myself on it, it rings, and a message pops up asking if I want to answer, hang up or ignore. If I select answer, it just continues to ring.

I’d really like to get these 2 issues sorted if anyone can point me in the right direction!



After reading the following it appears that the problem with the Caller ID is caused by Asterisk not running as root:

Can anyone tell me how to change Asterisk to run as root?
Not sure if this is also causing the problems with answering calls or not!