Can't add network to firewall Freepbx 14

Hey guys, interesting thing happening here.

I just installed freepbx 14 yesterday, and I’m trying to add a few whole network to the trusted firewall section. In my case, on of them is It automatically added the network I was on to start, but this one is different. It flashes red when I try to add the netmask, and requires me to let it auto fill that in when I click the plus. The netmask it chooses automatically is 32, which doesn’t allow the whole network through. If I add a specific host, and let it auto-fill with 32, that host is unblocked. I think the netmask I want is 24, because that is what it gave to the whole network that was automatically added. What’s up? Why can’t I choose the netmask?

Is it possible it is a problem with my network settings in the admin panel? I gave the server a static ip, and the netmask was originally /8. That’s how I had it at first, but I just changed it to /24, and it still isn’t working.

Also, if I add a host on one of those networks, the add network option in ‘advanced’, then ‘preconfigured’, won’t do anything. I’m assuming this is related.

Thanks guys.

Has anyone experienced this problem or is it a fluke that is occurring only to me?

I have the same issue and opened a ticket already.

Thanks so much, I’ll keep an eye on that ticket.

Ticket is closed and fixed

I’m continually amazed at the FreePBX community. Where else will the COO respond to random forum questions? Thank you, guys!

If you call my help desk, you are likely to get the Principal Engineer, COO, or the CEO of my company. It all depends on which extension I answer… :slight_smile: